One thing is for sure we won’t ever be  satisfied with our life  my be it sound weird but actually this is what I gave learned with time looking at different people’s situations there expectations and then the disappointments  because when  we don’t study our own life and  what we  have and hiw to make  the best out of it we will never learn to be happy ……….


Today its a free world you got every thing getting deliver to your door step by the click of a button but at the same time millions are suffering around the p planet for the basic needs of day to day life  but  on other hand  many of us got no full stop in our wish list  my be if I don’t got the chance to get my hands on the  designer  wear  I might end up in hospital  with heart attack simply because I can’t take the stress  how am I gonna look good without  certain look or dress or hairstyle etc  . It can go on and on and on  some facts are common in  between people  no matter which country ,religion, community or cloture They  belong to  we all want the best for overself  no body wants to look ugly no body want to be poor  .  But my point is the most important thing is happiness…..


Happiness you can’t buy with money


Its inside you …. !


I think its an art that only few people know  how to be happy and cheerful how to be a reason to bring a smile on your loved one’s face  how to put every thing behind you and just  be happy no matter what you are going through……….. 


Instead of being complaining and judgemental  just try to open up the window of our mind and think collectively  be the one who holds the family together be the one who  clear all  the misunderstandings between two old friends and put them back on the same table to talk and share their good time  …….


You might not be agree with me  that’s  normal  ….